Product Overview


Position and Motion Sensors 


Transmission Technology




Process Displays



        Incremental Encoders Incremental Encoders with shaft or hollow shaft.     Safety controllersSafety-M modules for safe drive monitoring. Inclinometers Inclinometers IS40 and I

    Pulse Counters  -  Electromechanical and electronic counters.           Preset Counters Easy control of count, time and rate       Hour Meters / Timers El

    Process Displays Codix 529, 530, 565, 550 and 552. Process Controllers Codix 565, 553, 555 and 573. Temperature Displays Codix 531, 532, 564 and 551. Temperature Controllers Codix 564 and Cod

     Safety controllersSafety-M modules for safe drive monitoring.   Encoders for functional safety Certified SIL3/PLe absolute and incremental encoders. 

    Slip Rings Slip Rings SR060 and SR085. Connection Technology Cables, Connectors and Cable Assemblies. Optical Fibre Module Optical fibre module for secure data transmission. Accessoires Opt

  OEM Products OEM-specific displays, controllers, control counters, process controllers and measuring devices. OEM Systems Integration of components into complete system solutions. Customer specific OEM Solutions:  Di

  Lift Technology Solutions for Lift Technology. Smooth-running and safe. Drive Technology Solutions for Drives. Reliable and economical complete encoder solutions. Air-conditioning, Heating, Cooling and Humidity