Motor Control Products

Emerson offers a vast array of products and services that bring technology and engineering together to create innovative solutions for the benefit of our customers.

 Control Techniques AC drives provide world-class solutions to the widest range of applications and industries. Our drives offer: Wide power and voltage ranges High performance motor control Easy to use Extendable through a&

Control Techniques servo products offer high performance combined with maximum flexibility.  The drives can connect to a wide range of motion controllers through I/O or dedicated communication networks such as SERCOS and EtherCAT or alternativel

 DC drives and motors DC SRC/thyristor drives and motors remain common in industries, such as metals, cranes, mining and printing. The current trend is to replace DC systems with new AC drives and motors to reduce maintenan

 Drive Systems - Custom design, build and commissioning Through our Worldwide Drive Centers we have over 30 years experience in providing complete solutions for thousands of applications from a control system for an automatic welder