Rx Count delivers today's most advanced, full-featured electronic tablet and capsule counter. See the video!

The HISPAC III is an electronic prescription counter designed to count pills, tablets and capsules faster and more accurately than you ever thought possible. With the HISPAC III counting machine you can fill single or multiple prescriptions, prepackage inventory or take inventory with a simple touch. This equates to far greater productivity, efficiency and overall cost savings. The HISPAC III pill counter is backed by a full one-year warranty and is MADE IN THE USA.


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  • Maximum output of 2000 tablets per minute
  • 4.6 vertical touch screen capable of storing up to 50 recipes
  • Counts coated and uncoated tablets, hard and soft gelatine capsules and dragees
  • Can be integrated into a fully automated production line
  • Accurate dispensing with excellent repeatability
  • Simple operation with fast product change over
  • Tool free removable product contact parts
  • Motorised head lift
  • Integrated fault / alarms
  • Dust extraction point
  • Suitable for pill counting and capsule counting
  • KDC-101 Tablet & Capsule Counter

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KDC-101, a high speed and efficient batch counter, has been designed and developed to count all shapes of products accurately like capsules, tablets, pills, dragees or similar products.

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HISPAC III Electronic Prescription Pill Counter

King TB4 Electronic Tablet Counter

The King TB4 counter is an extremely versatile and accurate filler that can count batches from 1 to 10,000. Quick to set up and clean, the TB4 can handle most shapes of tablets and capsules and features dust and chip removal. The TB4 can also be automated with the addition of our automation kit.