Where do AC & DC drives fit in?

Electric motors play an extremely important role in our everyday businesses and lives as they move and run basically everything we need for business and pleasure. All these motors run on electricity and in order to do their work, which is to provide torque and speed, they need the right amount of electric energy.

All these motors consume electricity to provide the torque or speed needed, if that torque or speed was too high or low mechanical controls are used to slow down, shift or control output, the result is inefficiency with a lot of wasted materials and energy. A motor speed should match exactly what is required by the process, without a better way to control the speed a lot of energy gets wasted and that’s not good for anyone’s business. An AC drive controls these motors to help save energy and reduce maintenance costs.

What is an AC & DC drive?

AC drives sit between the electrical supply and the motor, power from the electrical supply goes into the drive and the drive then regulates the power that is fed to the motor. Inside the drive, the input power is run through a rectifier that converts the incoming AC power to DC power, the DC power is then fed into capacitors inside the drive to smooth out the electrical wave form which provides a clean power supply for the next step.

Power then flows from the capacitors to an inverter which changes the DC power to the output AC power that goes to the motor. This step allows the drive to adjust the frequency and voltage that is supplied to the motor based on the process demands. This means that you are able to run your AC motors at the speed or with the torque according to the demand needed, saving you large amounts of money and reducing maintenance costs.

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